Remote Support

Remote Support

Download GoToAssist


Please click on the button below to download our remote support software

Note: Only when requested to by Nelson IT® ...

If you need IT support and you’re not already speaking with us; please call: 01670 898505. (during office hours)

This software is safe, supplied to us by LogMeIn inc. and can be removed from your computer after the session if required.

The software is necessary for us to provide a high standard of support, without the need for a visit to your location; or collecting your machine for repair.


During the session you have priority when using the mouse, remaining in full control and you can end the session at any time.

Please close any windows containing private or confidential information before the session starts.

You may have to click “Open” or “Run” followed by: “Allow this program to make changes to my computer” in order to allow the installation of the GoToAssist software to proceed.



* this executable is for Microsoft Windows operating systems only.